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Hello all. I’ve just finished setting up a website based on Warder’s Introduction To Pali. This goes along with Bhante Sujato’s Pali Course, but you of course don’t have to be in it to use this. I took different sections of the text book and made it so the answers could be hidden in several ways according to how you want. Similar things to this do already exist, although this is probably closer to the text’s communication of ideas.

If you have questions, found a bug (which could easily happen), or one of the answers was wrong (:disappointed_relieved:) you can message me or tell me here. Tell me if you believe this is useful and if you would use it (I won’t be offended otherwise, I don’t like staring at a screen myself to learn things) so that I know if I should keep updating it (I may do so anyway because I’ve already found it useful for memorizing verbs/vocab).

The link is simply

Note this isn’t designed for mobile yet.

To any Pāli student, good good luck in studying this amazing language of the early dhamma.


Very good!

I’ve been meaning to create a vocabulary list, but mine is just a spreadsheet …

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Wow, thanks so much!

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Dear Bran,
If you would show some screenshot how to use it that will be useful.

Sure. Someone else told me they didn’t see the “View Lessons” link, so go there first to see all of them. I tried to lay out some tutorial in the first one. I wasn’t sure when I was over-explaining or under-explaining how to use it, so I will be more over detailed now:

These buttons do this (from left to right): go back to all lessons; go to previous lesson; go to next lesson; change the theme.

The different modes each have their own advantage.

Reveal all just shows all the answers.
Hover reveal shows the answer when you hover the mouse/tap your touchscreen over any empty cell. This lets you not see any other options (if you are not sure whether the answer is one thing or another, then seeing one of the options was already found elsewhere would give you an unfair elimination).
Click reveal lets you keep some up.
Enter text requires you to know how to spell the entire answer. Lets you not see any other options. (You can use aa for ā and .t for ṭ etc.)
Drop down will give you different possible options.

On the last two modes, one can check their answer, and the color shows if it was right or wrong.

It’s up to you which one to choose depending on how well you know it. It’s similar to flashcards but it’s a grid.

And, most of them have a reference link on the bottom to the exact page in the textbook if you want to read about it there.

Does this help?


Thank you so much, dear Bran! Now is crystal clear. I like this tool, thank you for your efforts!

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I’ve added the next couple lessons and “categories”. Since this has no back-end, it might not look like it updated because your browser caches it, ctrl+F5 should completely reload it on desktop, and you’d probably have to reset the cache in the settings for mobile (very user-unfriendly, sorry).


Hi Bran, can you move this over to Third Party Apps under Pali Course? I think it would be a great place for it to nest.

Thanks so much.

I’m wondering why I’ve never seen your post before!!!

It’s great!