BSWA Bhikkhuni & Bhikkhu Sangha---Sunday Sutta Class (Khuddaka Nikaya and other)---Dhammaloka 2003--present

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Sunday Sutta Class from bhikkhuni and bhikkhu sangha at Dhammaloka Centre, Perth, WA.

Sunday Sutta readings and discussions are offered semimonthly (except during Rains Retreat) and usually cover a single sutta or a common topic from different suttas. Sutta classes are available live here. Large archive of sutta classes is also maintained and published regularly here.

The following archive provides a collection of all publicly available sutta classes encoded for easy and mobile friendly access (hour and a half long talks usually do not exceed 15 MB of download).

Ajahn Cittapalo (2014) Discussion Session On Nature of Feelings 1/1 72′ 8,27 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Appichato (2013) In The Buddha’s Words—Shining The Light of Wisdom 1/1 70′ 7,97 MB :arrow_down:
Bhante Sujato (2018) Sutta Class About Translating Suttas 1/1 84′ 9,51 MB :arrow_down:
Bhante Sujato (2014) The Authenticity Of The Early Buddhist Texts 1/1 109′ 12,40 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Nissarano (2016) The Five Daily Recollections 1/1 81′ 9,23 MB :arrow_down:
Bhante Sujato (2003) The Hidden Structure Of The Buddhist Scriptures 1/1 88′ 10,77 MB :arrow_down:
Bhante Sujato (2013) Snp 1.3 1/1 91′ 10,84 MB :arrow_down: :unicorn:
Bhante Sujato (2014) Ud 5.4 1/1 69′ 7,90 MB :arrow_down:

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