Buddha's Discourses on Meditation

Attached is a pdf where I have collected 34 suttas, translated by Bhikkhu Sujato, that deal with meditation.

No disrespect, but lack of knowledge.

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Buddhas Discourses on Meditation.pdf (3.6 MB)




@Florian Thanks for this; downloaded. Beautifully done.


Thank you. Recently I heard a request for (more) books on meditation for a senior center. I think this will be an appreciated addition.

hmm or maybe not quite, as p7 might be difficult. Might need to rearrange a bit, for this audience. As no rights reserved, I’ll take the liberty for that small effort.


If you need, I can provide the Word.doc.


Thank you, but no need, I am refreshing/improving my Adobe skills. I am grateful for the work!

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Great idea!

I’ve added support meditation to the Voice list for Inspire Me


Hi Florian :slight_smile:
I just want to express my eternal gratitude for this compilation :anjal: :pray:

I’m reading it right now and it is exactly what I needed right now. It helps me very much in my practice and it helps me tremendously in my Ph.D work (I write about meditation in theravada buddhism, and your compilation gave me pretty much all most substantial references that I need!)

Thank you! :heart: :slight_smile:

May I ask, what was your method of seeking this suttas? Were you simply using search function on sutta central to find terms like: meditation, jhana, samadhi etc., and then choose most relevant and compile them in one place?

I ask because I’m wondering what will be the best route to get some good research founded in suttas on the topic of three characteristics.

With metta :anjal:


Voice searches AN, DN, SN, KN, MN:

Here are the results for anicca dukkha anatta. You can add more search terms to narrow things down.

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I read all the suttas - from DN1 to An11.1151 - and tagged them. See here: