Buddha's parents worshipped whom before buddha?

Can someone help me
I want to know Buddha’s parents worshipped whom before the birth of buddha , whom they worships , please also give reference too

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Particularly worshiping a specific god or supreme god (Brahma) was not applicable to all Indians, neither at the time of the Buddha nor now. However, the prevalent religious practices at that time were Vedic Yajnas (fire sacrifices with Vedic mantras) and Jainism. One elder relative of the Buddha became a Jain monk before the Buddha’s enlightenment, indicating that Jainism was a prevalent religious practice alongside Vedic rituals and beliefs. Therefore, King Suddhodana and his wife may have been practicing according to Vedic traditions while also respecting the Jain order.

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Thanks, apparantly the idea of a Buddha was also well-known too in that society? Asita the Seer apparantly was a kind of buddhist who was able to see that the young child would become a Buddha?
Was he also not able to see the marks of a Great Being? And his father feared that idea of his son becoming a Buddha.

Has the Vedic tradition also the concept of a Buddha? (i know nothing of this tradition to be honest)

I’ve had a few thoughts about this, admittedly without little basis in academic references. But Buddha as an epithet seems common enough as a sign of reverence before the Buddha. After all, Buddha mean Enlightened One, and Buddha talks about private Buddhas all the time, enlightened people all around the country and throughout the ages.

So concept of Enlightenment is perhaps one where people can recognise, like we recognise a village saint who’s beyond all sense worlds and desires for world. Such holy people, might be jains, brahmins, shamans - but more than their tradition, they’re just super holy and detached, thus-gone individuals, thus they were called Buddhas.

Buddha being The Buddha is a function of Buddha having become the Buddha. The actual difference in Pāli is Paccebuddha and Sammasambuddha, for example. But those are both Buddhas.


Dear Sir Green,

Referring to the Brahmāyusutta (SuttaCentral):

“Now at that time the brahmin Brahmāyu was residing in Mithilā. He was old, elderly, and senior, advanced in years, having reached the final stage of life; he was a hundred and twenty years old. He had mastered the three Vedas, together with their vocabularies, ritual, phonology and etymology, and the testament as fifth. He knew philology and grammar, and was well versed in cosmology and the marks of a great man.”

There are many similar references suggesting that Vedic thought and practice was already existing when the Prince was born (Buddha to be) . just as we cannot say Christianity existed before Jesus was born, similarly, we cannot say Asita was Buddhist before The Bhagavā appeared.

In ancient India, various Buddhist concepts such as different worlds systems, gods, Brahmas, Moksha, Nibbana, etc., were already known in society. However, the Buddha provided a clear path for achieving the final goal.

It is plausible that these concepts in Indian societies were remnants of the teachings of previous Buddha