Buddhism - Keeping it simple

Problem: sadness, unhappiness (dukkha)
Solution: the noble eightfold path, the way to happiness (magga)



So have I heard. The Buddha only taught this one thing. The end of suffering. Your proposal seems in line with that. :pray:



Problem: Correct application of the Noble Eightfold Path
Solution: ?

… Way to go!

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How do you mean? Elaborate?

Also, did you mean: “Problem: Incorrect application of the Noble Eightfold Path”?

I just don’t know what is gained by such a simplification, basically a ‘Two Noble Truths’.
Problem: too much plastic. Solution: stop producing plastic.
Have I solved the plastic problem?


What you wrote is “obvious” only for those who have seen by themselves the practical truth (its correspondence, coherence and utility in respect to reality) of the Noble Truths. And so, it does not say that much for the target audiences of the Teachings: the vast mayority with dust in their eyes (no matter how little or how much of it).

If you are only talking to those wise enough or those already convinced, what’s the point in such level of synthesis?

Kind regards!

Problem: Sending the mind out into the world.
Solution: Let the mind stay at home.


At first I scratched my head at this cryptic simplification, then it dawned on me after a few days that this is exactly what I need to do when explaining EBTs in conversations with others. And when I explain them, I stay as simple as possible, not referring to the path.

Problem: suffering
Solution: letting go of craving

This is the shortest useful answer I’ve come up with.