Buddhism & Medicine

What are the ‘Sangha Rules’ surrounding medicine? What are some Suttas that help explain these rules? What are some Suttas that just talk about medicine in general, such as it working and not working for individuals?

For some reason when it comes to the Dhamma text surrounding Monastic Rules on ‘Sutta Central’ they are inaccessible on three different browsers for me. I have tried to remedy this and have continuously been unable to do so.

I’m assuming you are trying to clear your browser cache? That seems to be the fix that is always recommended.
Have you tried both the I.B. Horner & Ajahn Brahmali as well as the one just by Ajahn Brahmali?

We don’t get much on medicine rules in the Suttas if that is what you are asking. It really is in the Vinaya that we find this.

Some of the ‘Monastic Rules’ do come up. The next time I run into the error I will grab a screen shot. It does show like a data loading error with a circle containing and ‘X’ above the text when it happens.


I thought there was like a Sutta where like the Buddha recommended medicine or something and it didn’t work. Sujato I think may have used it as an example of the time that the Buddha was possibly wrong?

How many rules are there on medicine, I’m not really coming across them. I think there is a rule of storing to much medicine, but I also thought there was rules against unecessarily taking medicines as well.

You may want to start with Ajahn Thanissaro’s Buddhist Monastic Code. However, you have to be very, very, very careful with it because he discusses commentaries as well as canon. But as long as us just use it for references, then it’s very handy.

Here is the rule index to the Patimokkha rules, section on medicine:

Here is the chapter on medicine that focuses on the Khandakas:

Each of these chapters has a nice list of just the canonical parts at the end. For example:

I believe this is the discussion you referenced: