Buddhism, Women, & Gender (A Bibliography)

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Thank you for a truly awesome list. Now all I need is TIME to read. Namaste


Upon further reflection…I was initially attracted to Buddha and Buddhism by the phrase 'middle path" yet as one of the ‘most middle persons’ ever born I am a tad sad regarding the absence of literature regarding the authenticity or validity of my personhood and place in the Buddhist philosophy. On the other hand I also understand that to obsess about the body-and its attendant personality is counterproductive. But for the sake of discussion, would anyone like to add some clarity to my confusion? Sorry if we have discussed this before but my confusion remains without clarification. I am the third…the one who resolves the current cultural polarized paradigm of institutional sexism and genderism. Last year 28 trans people were murdered by hate largely because they were ‘different’. Nowhere in philosophy or religion is an explanation or description of the goodness and rightness of this positioning in relationship to humanity as a whole. Buddha- perhaps because of the temporal nature of his culture-did not relieve suffering by ignoring this cultural sexism but rather maintained it. And it’s remains a little chilly out here in the netherlands of Two Spirits consciousness. As always I await your wisdom. Thanks


No one would find satisfaction in trying to place their unique selves in a philosophy that explicitly and emphatically regards any conceivable personhood as a fleeting and agonising delusion.



Of course. I understand that. Yet this is part of an ongoing discussion of sex and gender in Buddhism regarding the status and stratification of all people on this path. I did not create the topic. My comment was aimed at clearing up some other members evaluation of my worldly karma. I regard all personality as superfluous. But it seems s though some people regard this condition of Trans-ness as more superfluous than others. Thank you, Namaste.

Responding to and discussing gender issues

First step of ending any suffering- start looking for an internal thing you can change - don’t depend on the world for your happiness, as then there will be no end to the suffering.

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