Can a once-returner become a non-returner once reborn here?

It is quite a technical question, but i am wondering can a once-returner become a non-returner once reborn here? Or do they have to become enlightened and parinibbana at death?
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A once-returner returns once more to the sensual plane (as a human or as a deva), because they haven’t completely cut the fetters of ill will and sensuality. A non-returner goes to one of the four pure abodes corresponding to their level of mastery of the Brahmaviharas. There is no reason that a once-returner cannot become a non-returner first before final enlightenment.

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It’s not as trivial as one might think.

Ratana sutta said stream winners cannot take an 8th existence.

Which let’s say that stream winner became a non returner in her final life already, should that non returner must become arahant before dying or allowed to have additional rebirth in the pure abodes?

My thinking is that the non returner can still enjoy the pure abodes. But it does contradict the explicit statement of no 8th existence for a stream winner.

Also there are 5 pure abodes, I don’t think they are linked to the brahmaviharas. If they don’t get to arahanthood in the lower one, they upgrade to a higher one in their next life.

You’re right, thanks for the correction. I was mixing up the four divine abodes of the Brahmaviharas with the five pure abodes, which are actually linked to fourth Jhana.

Maybe a stream winner always becomes at least a non-returner in maximally 6 rebirths? Then the possible seventh rebirth will always be in a pure abode.