Cannot make post in wiki section editable by all

Since Bhante Sujato himself has made his own post editable, my hypotheses are:

  1. The setting is available to me, but the UI is non-obvious (ease-of-use bug)
  2. The setting is role-restricted and unavailable to me (role or process issue)

The wiki post folks cannot edit is the recently added Search page

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Sorry - no idea
Maybe @Aminah could help you :slight_smile:

It is a role issue, TL3 level (Regular) is required to make your own post a wiki, see detailed description here Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

It is best to ask @moderators for help in such cases, they have the appropriate permissions.

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The setting “Make Wiki” is hidden under the wrench icon

Thanks @musiko! That’s exactly right. I’ve now made the post in question a wiki. :slight_smile:

Oh btw,

I’ve no idea why, but @moderators only seems to work when addressing a PM. We don’t get notified when someone @s us collectively in a thread like this, so it’s best go with our usernames.


Thank you @Aminah. I might be some bother for 68 more days. :smiley:

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Most welcome!

That is a very specific time frame… :thinking: :wink:

Anyway, it’s no trouble, the proverbial door is always open and I’m very happy to help out with anything I’m able to.