Can't see verse numbers in Thag/Thig when Pali is turned on?

Is there any way that in the Theragatha/Therigatha to show both the Pali and the individual verse numbers? It seems when the Pali is turned on, the sequential verse numbers disappear.

This must be a known issue, but the closest conversation I could find was here Change in verse numbers for Theragatha but that’s really a different topic

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I can see them (latest version of Firefox on Ubuntu):

Sorry, I should have posted my own shot. I’m talking about “sequential” numbers for the verses. They start at 1 and go to 254 in SC and 252 in PTS. See below

BTW, I’m Firefox on Windows 10, but I doubt this is a browser thing.


Ah this! I think I’ve never seen that… :smile:

It’s certainly because I never turn the Pali off. If I do, it looks like this:


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