Carousel The Buddha's Words broken?


@Sujato, @Aminah: I’ve been getting the same suttaquotes for days in the carousel. Is it broken?


Ayya Vimala, has a similar feature called Examples. Until SuttaCentral carousel gets fixed, might we trouble you to test out Examples and give us feedback on how that works for your use case?


Thanks, I have filed this as a bug here:


Thank you @karl_lew.

We’ve been trying it out for the last 3 days and using Raveena or Russel to read the suttas (myself having a bad cold and my voice tends to go, especially in the mornings) and it works very well.

I have not followed the discussion re. the voice-assistent but do you have a specific list of suttas that are used for those examples?


We have a list of example search terms: sc-voice/examples-en.txt at master · sc-voice/sc-voice · GitHub

Finally someone who likes Russell! :heart_eyes:


:heart: Russell was indeed quite lonely and neglected. :heart:

We are always looking for more examples. Quite often an eye-catching phrase will bring to light an unexpected collection of suttas for perusal. Should any new and personally relevant examples occur to you, please do let us know. It is part of our work to add more examples of interest. We have even had arguments amongst ourselves about whether the examples show a bias towards suffering or joy, because equanimity would be unbiased. :smiley:

The examples are simply the search phrases. The suttas are found through search. When Voice supports the Vinaya, then the same examples will bring up Vinaya text as well.

You can also click Examples multiple times to cycle at random through the phrases.


Well, yes … but could we have a British English voice too … maybe Aminah can give a voice sample for that!


Amy speaks British English.


But maybe a bit of a faster version …


:joy: We have one fast English voice and one slow. (Actually two fast ones—I guess Russell also counts as fast.) I don’t know if @karl_lew still wants to add another one?


I am worried about disk space. Adding a voice is currently expensive in disk space. However, over the longer term it is certainly possible to add new voices. The AWS Polly voices are variable in quality regarding reading suttas. We seek immersive voices and those are somewhat rare. For example, Russell is irritating to me and non-immersive, but he does provide assistance for those with higher frequency hearing loss.