Celebrating SuttaCentral in Sri Lanka

At the Nelum Pokuna main auditorium on the 31st of May from 3.00pm to 5.30pm.

To reserve your spot now please visit

Ajahn Sujato will join with three hundred maha sangha for seth pirith chanting, guided meditation followed by a demonstratiaon to use SuttaCentrral.net and a dhamma discussion.
Looking forward to see you at the Nelum Pokuna auditorium on the 31st of May 2018.


Thanks so much Deepika! All your work is very much appreciated.

Just as some news for all our forum friends, Deepika has arranged a visit to Sri Lanka for me. As usual, I am very disorganized and make everything very difficult! But somehow she manages to get things done despite the very many obstacles I create. :pray:

Anyway, right now I am typing in a room at Vajirarama. This is one of the most famous monasteries in Sri Lanka, and is home to a distinguished lineage of teachers and practitioners who shaped and defined Theravada Buddhism in modern times.

Sri Lankan monks like Venerables Narada, Piyadassi, and Vajirañāṇa were among the most influential and astute voices in 20th century Buddhism, establishing Dhamma not only in Sri Lanka, but also through very many trips overseas. If you travel to SE Asian countries like Indonesia or Malaysia, at the monasteries there you can still see mementoes and fond recollections of the visits by these monks, especially Ven Narada.

I learned a new fact yesterday. Ven Ñāṇasīha (Olcott Gunasekera) was showing me around, and he explained that it was in the Dhamma hall here that it was in this hall that Ven Vajirañāṇa invented the modern Dhamma talk. One hour to get the point across; not 3 or 4 hours like in the old days!

The monastery is also home to the succession of European monks that began with Ven Nyanatiloka, and then Vens Nyanaponika, Nyanavimala, Nyanamoli, and Ven Bodhi. So I feel like I am in good company as we work to make the suttas available to even more people!


Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu
This is wonderful news and I will pass the news to my friends.

I got back to Buddhism about ten years ago after reading his book Buddha and his teaching.
Are we going to make a video of the event?

I never heard of this monk. Should check. The one hour Dhamma talk is a great idea.
Checked Google and You tube no mention about this monk.

His best known work in English is Buddhist Meditation in Theory and Practice, but I am sure there is much more in Sinhala.


This is the first step in the right direction. Recently I spoke to a Sri Lankan monk living in Australia. He did not know any thing about Bhante Sujato or Suttacentral.
Hopefully all this will change in next 12 months.


Link for free download:


What is Vishwa Shanthi Sutra?

This is just the name of the event.

I think Vishwa means universal and Shanthi means peace or bliss.
I do not know what Sutra stand for. Perhaps scripture.


Can Monks & Samaneras also come, and if yes, should they register a place through mentioned website or other way?

All welcome and ofcouurse bhikkus, bhikkunies and samanaras are most welco,e it is best to register for logistics, this event is filling up fast. Belwo are some press releases.



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Sutra is a sanskrit for Sutta

it is best to register for logistics

How to do that?

What Deepika meant was when you register it is easier to mange the event. Seat allocation etc.
Logistics meaning:the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation.


Please go to https://suttacentralinsrilanka.eventbrite.com.au
and register. If this event is going online we will let you know.

I used to attend some of their Dhamma discussions when I lived in Sri Lanka!

I had little knowledge that so many highly esteemed bhikkhus passed through its premises.

with metta

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I have free ticket if someone needs, because I can not go finally.

I just wonder how this went.


Well, the auditorium of 1300 people was full, plus 100 on stage and (so I was told) several hundred more outside, so that’s a lot of people! It was all thanks to the incredible organizing of Deepika and the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress.

There were about 300 Sangha present, including many senior monastics such as the head of the Amarapura Nikaya, and many others I should have known (but don’t!). We had drums and TV shows and chanted the Dhammacakka for an hour!

We have worked away quietly for so many years, I would never have imagined that SC would find such effusive support from the public. :fireworks: :cake: