"Celestial Themes" for Bilara

Our illustrious and indefatigable users of Bilara, the unparalleled translation software for SC, were recently introduced to the concept of themes. Now, in a powerful synergy, we have actual themes as well as just the idea of themes!

Introducing “Celestial Themes”! Enjoy a virtual tour of the Buddhist cosmos just by changing the theme. It’s almost as good as being reborn there!

  • Suriya: The sun-god of themes, it blazes warm and clear, lighting the path. (This is Solarized for Bilara.)
  • Candima: When the sun descends, the Moon rises, shedding her ghostly glow over the landscape.
  • Manussa: It gets the job done. Boring, high contrast light scheme. Evokes the spirit of a government office in the 1950s.
  • Yakkha: Vicious and predatory, this dangerous theme might just devour you alive!
  • Deva: Relax and enjoy the divine pleasures of the gods, as they float in their splendid palaces.
  • Asura: Earthy and grounded, feel the primordial spirit of the Titans!
  • Suññatā: If less is more, could it be that … nothing is most??? Is the lack of a theme the greatest possible theme, nay, is it enlightenment itself? You decide!

When will I be granted the privilege of giving it a try? :slight_smile:



Let’s do it Gabriel. Do you have a Github username? If not, create one and let me know.


Yes, I do, it’s gnlaera :anjal:


Great, I’ve sent the invite. Once you’ve accepted, then—assuming the world has any kindness and goodness in it—you should be able to open bilara and start using it.


One thing to remember, you can write anywhere, so don’t ruin anyone else’s translation! We’ll fix this soon, but for now be careful.

If you want to start working on translations, let us know and Blake will create the project. That is not automated for now.

As for the existing work you’ve done on Pootle, when you are settled in to Bilara and happy to use it going forward, we will extract the Pootle data, convert it for bilara, and close Pootle. The conversion process is a little tricky, so we want to be sure before going ahead.


Thanks bhante.
Yes, the login worked fine.
I poked around (carefully) and think I now get how it would work.
Please give @Marco access as well, so he can have a look and then we decide whether or not we would be moving at this stage from Pootle to Bilara.


I love it! “yakkha” reminds me of when terminals got color