Certified Meditation Instructor Online Course

I highly recommend this course. When I did it. It was based on the books Mindfulness in Plain English and Meditation Postures for all traditions.


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Only to become Noble person can be your true certificate :laughing:

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Thank you for sharing that–could you explain more about your experience? The website mentions that it teaches various styles of meditation.

It was very nice. Actually I was surprised it uses two books. Mindfulness in plain English by Bhante G and The Posture of Meditation by Will Johnson.

You write down. Journal of your sittings. There is amount of hours in total you need to sit and journal. There is tests. And end essay.

You sended by mail a very nice looking certification.

It’s really worth it. Maybe new things was added. I’m not sure about that.

But after doing that you feel more confidence to teach.

You can do it at your own phase. I did in about 1 year. I got A+ for my essay

Thanks–did you look into any other programs? I see there are several that teach a “bare mindfulness” approach (such as MBSR) and Jack Kornfield/Tara Brach have a program, but all of them are about $6000-8000.

Also, do you think this program you did accepts / supports an EBT-approach? It seems inclusive.

Those expensive one are unnecessary. Although those teachers are good. But I can’t accept so expensive. Just follow your intuition.

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like I said it uses Mindulfuness in Plain English by Bhante G which is Theravada monk. But I don’t remember that I had write of the book. There was quiz to see if you read the chapters your supposed to.

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