Chanting the Uppādā Sutta (AN3.136)

Hi folks! @Tanakaro and I recently did some funeral chanting for the late grandmother of a friend of his. We decided to also chant the Uppāda Sutta (AN3.136), and that’s what I’d like to share with all of you~

“Mendicants, whether Realized Ones arise or not, this law of nature persists, this regularity of natural principles, this invariance of natural principles:
all conditions are impermanent.”


I very much love this funeral chant!

Venerable @Sumano, for the introductory phrase I understand “handa mayaṁ uppādāsuttaṁ banāmase”—is that correct? And it means “Now let us chant the Uppādā Sutta”?

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Yes, indeed! It’s very Thai :grin:


Thank you, Venerable! :pray: :smiley:

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