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You may have seen OpenAI’s recent announcement of “GPTs”, which are small, targeted copies of ChatGPT for specific purposes. I have drafted a GPT to help users find and understand suttas relevant to whatever topic they are interested in.

You may try it here:

I understand there has been some previous discussion about the appropriateness of using LLMs to communicate Dharma. (Which I have skimmed but not read fully.) I generally agree that LLMs should not be used by themselves to learn Dharma, as they are prone to parrot whatever wrong views they may have encountered during their training.

However, this GPT has been instructed to start every answer with a direct quotation from a relevant sutta (as retrieved from the SC API), and to not add any content that was not provided by that sutta. As such I view this particular tool as simply “better search”.

In my testing it seems very good at strictly following these rules, but please do also test with whatever input you might think of.

IP Whitelist

Assuming there is consent to publish this tool, it would be necessary to whitelist the OpenAI egress IP addresses in the API ratelimiter.

Otherwise, as more people start using the tool, the API will start failing (which has already happened to me in my limited testing).

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Great, I must try your GPTs. I’m also planning to post my GPT here:
My GPT has the function of translating Pali (an inherent feature of GPT-4) and more importantly, searching for sutta based on query sentences (not word-based).

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Translate from Vietnamese to English and search
AN 4.61

AN 5.229 AN 5.230

SN 42.7

MN 58


Wow! These GPTs are great, @mitchg and @hdvd2309! I’ll test these out more when I have time.

I’ve only used the GPTs feature to create a few simple chatbots for myself, and I didn’t realize anyone could just hook it up to the Sutta Central API like you did, @mitchg

I see an opportunity to provide accurate translations of Buddhist texts to a lot more people and languages by combining the two GPTs you both created, @hdvd2309 and @mitchg


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@mitchg would you mind assisting me with the use of SC API into custom GPT? I don’t really know where to look. Thank you in advance.