Citation and Sutta Name Lookup Tools 🛠

This looks much clearer, yes. Thank you!

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hmmm I expected the sutta name to be linkafied too (not just the number). And I expected the link to take to me to the sutta.rf “Citation Helper” so I could get my pick of translation / Pāli :slight_smile:

Great expectations! Thanks.

Now the whole thing is a link.

Integrating the name lookup into the citation tool is a bigger project. I’m still not sure how I want to do that. For me I’m happy to always be taken to sc (after all, there is almost always a translation waiting there) and then if I do need other translations go back and look those up. But I can understand why that would not be great for everyone.

If the citation helper supported links you wouldn’t have to integrate beyond constructing the link. Just add a query param ?ref=DN%204 or whatever, no?

Right. That’s probably how I will implement it, but it would still be as an option. I probably have a distorted perception of my data usage (OK, I definitely do) and data usage in general, but I would think that loading that whole citation helper tool each time would be a bit much.


Now you can also get links for and PaliAudio just has single pages for each chapter of the SN an AN, so you need to do a bit of looking once you follow the link. But for DN and MN it’s a direct link to the page with the audio.

Voice itself is having some minor bugs, but once things are fixed there you shouldn’t notice any problems.

Also, now there is a way to select which sites you want to include in your search. And all settings are saved from session to session.

As always thanks for the feedback, especially @Khemarato.bhikkhu and @stu.


Update 25 July 2022:

New for Citation Helper:

  • Pali title of the sutta is displayed at the top of the app. Still trying to decide if it should give the Pali or English name (or both)
  • The url is now a permalink to whatever sutta you are looking up. So when you have typed in mn23, the url will now look like this:

New for Name Lookup

  • You can now choose where the link will open:
    • SuttaCentral
    • Citation Helper
    • SC Light

Due to the work and persistence of Ven @Khemarato.bhikkhu, the Citation Helper app now puts history in your browser like any ordinary website. As long as you stay in the same tab, it will allow you to go back and forward through your history by clicking the browser buttons.

I also wanted to mention that having the citation in the url bar (like now allows you to use any of a number of plugins in your browser that let you select and search for text. So, for example…

When you click on Citation Helper, it will open up the citation helper and put the selected text into the input field and look up the citation.

Ta da!


For FireFox, I use this one:

In Chrome I have used

But there is also this one that even has its own website.

Setting up a custom search is quite easy. For example in the Firefox plugin, you just put this into the settings:

In Chrome’s Selection Search it’s similar:

Let me know if you try it out and if you have any problems.

These plugins are really useful in general if you often find yourself, for example, trying to find book titles on a certain book website like GoodReads or Amazon. And, come to think of it, you can do it for SuttaCentral too. The search string would be{searchTerms}



Updates (12 Aug 2022)

Bunch of new fun stuff… Please offer any feedback in the thread here. Especially bugs.

Citation Helper

  • Added a button for a direct link to the SC Light version.

  • Added a way to see what alternative translations exist on SuttaCentral. Now if a citation has additional translations on SC, you will get a plus button:

    Hover over it and a tooltip will tell you what is available. Clicking on the button takes you to the SuttaPlex™ page where you will see all of the translations. For example, here for MN1
    You can also set the language of the alternative translations in the settings area:
    So if you choose German, for example, then even if there is only one german translation, it will show the button.

    The + button will still jut take you to the SuttaPlex page. But if you have the site language on SC set to the same language on the Citation helper, then those translations will show up at the top of the card.

  • Added selections from The majority of suttas on ATI are now on, so none of those are included. I also didn’t include partial suttas. It’s not a lot, but quite a few popular suttas. Also added all of Ven. Buddharakkhita’s Dhammapada translations. They can also be found on SuttaCentral, but I thought they were important enough to add.

  • I’ve cleaned up a feature to create html lists of the results. The buttons to copy them to the clipboard can be found under the “info” tab in the bottom half of the app:
    This is what the HTML sentence for DN22 looks like:,,,,,, and

Name Lookup

  • The names of the 56 samyuttas are now included.

Looks ever more cool! I like especially the + button.

But as I am curious by nature, I would like to know what is hidden at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately I can’t scroll further down than this:

I am looking in Firefox (on Ubuntu20.04).

I also see some discrepancies in how collections are abbreviated. In the citation helper, there are two abbreviations that diverge from SC (Khp, Itv), whereas in the name lookup, the latter is Iti like on SC.


I haven’t been following closely, but are there any plans to eventually incorporate the PTS Converter code here? I know I can go to the PTS Converter site, but then I don’t get the same choice of sources and cool interface…


No, not at this point. One reason is that I hardly ever need to look up that kind of citation.

It is not the solution you asked for, but if you are on desktop, you can follow the instructions in this post so that once you get the “modern” citation from the PTS tool, you can quickly take it to this citation helper.

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Citation Helper

  • the c flag for forcing a chapter link is no longer supported. It must be either ch or `chapter
  • Links to Digital Pali Reader are now included:

    This brings the total number of supported sites to 8.
    There will be some slight discrepancies in those links as the citation numbers on most sites don’t always correspond exactly to the DPR citations. Basically, if you were to put a citation into the DPR quick link search, you will get the same result on the Citation Helper.

Name Lookup

  • There is now an icon when you hover over each result that will copy a Markdown version of the link to clipboard. For example: [AN 4.139 Dhammakathika]( The link will be whatever destination you have selected in the settings.
  • Samyutta names are now in included in the results:

Now on the name lookup tool, you can hover over (most) results to see the blurb about the sutta:

This was made easy by a new tool to create a single JSON file from the blurbs on SuttaCentral.


I’ve added the blurbs in on the Citation Helper app:


Just touch or hover or click any sutta title with the (i) icon.

Please let me know if there are any problems.