Clear Mountain Upāsakā Study Group for Dedicated Practitioners (Online)


The Clear Mountain Upāsakā Group is a community of practitioners committed to deepening their practice by engaging in regular Dhamma study and discussion. Upāsakas commit to keeping the five precepts, maintaining a daily meditation practice (at least 20 minutes/day six days/week), and are encouraged, though not required, to emphasize practice one day a week for a weekly uposatha day (by, for example, meditating longer or holding the eight precepts).

On the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month from 6-7 pm PT, there will be an optional online video discussion dealing with current readings and talks, links to which are posted regularly in the community Discord server. The community is currently working through P.A. Payutto’s Buddhadhamma, Luang Por Pasanno and Ajahn Jayasaro’s “Desert Island Book”.

To join and (optionally) participate in the regular sessions, click this link or the button below to join Clear Mountain’s Discord and message an admin asking to be added as an upāsakā. Sadhu!

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Hello Venerable @nisabhobhikkhu :pray:t4: what a wonderful opportunity! Would like very much to join (there are some positives to being a night owl :sweat_smile: as it’ll be 2am here in Ireland) but the link to ‘join the community’ doesn’t seem to be working. The one on the Clear Mountain website doesn’t open for me either… Upāsakā Study Group for Dedicated Practitioners (Online) | Clear Mountain Monastery maybe is something on my side?

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I checked both links, they seem to be working for me at least. :smiley:

Both links finally open in a new tab to a signup page on

Are you perhaps using a popup blocker/ are accessing through a server that blocks that site?


Thank you for helping! I’ve disabled the two block extensions and still… :woman_shrugging:t4:

It worked on Waterfox! even with the blockings on… so it was something with the Chrome browser I guess