Commodification of Buddhism: a threat to its real value


Is the path conditioned? or discovered, understood, perceived, adopted? is the path The (Noble 8Fold) Path?

More broadly to the thread, I think unease with laypeople teaching or sharing is sometimes distinct from unease about inexperienced or unadvanced people teaching or sharing. Sometimes the criticism seems harsh, or seems at times to resemble resentment, fear, or a sense of possession rather than preservation. Preservation is good; generosity is good; imo they balance each other, and are non-static, and non uniform.

:slight_smile: Perhaps this humor can help? I do NOT think past Buddhas thought “Siddhattha Gotama is doing it wrong” :slight_smile: and Wheel Turning was rather more important than any concerns over the stumblings of kind hearted initial insights & efforts of Mindfulness fads through the ages.


Yes. All that. :heart:

MN44:10.1: “But ma’am, is the noble eightfold path conditioned or unconditioned?”
MN44:10.2: “The noble eightfold path is conditioned.”


See my lame yet relevant Haiku