Community help needed!---Sutta Retreat annotation with SC IDs

Hello! Yes, you :smile:! We need your help!

In the last few days I posted audio recordings from Sutta Retreats by Ajahn @Brahmali which cover a wide range of suttas connected to the gradual training. Some retreat talks are already tagged with SuttaCentral IDs and some are not, and it is there where you can help.

If you intend to listen to a sutta retreat and wish to help you can announce your intention in a reply to the appropriate thread (all sutta retreat threads are listed at the bottom; there can be more than one retreat in need of annotation per thread) like this:

Sutta Retreat Name

and then gradually, while you listen, add time and sutta references (by editing your post) like this:

Talk No
time; SC ID and/or sutta name

Here is an example for Ajahn Brahmali---Sutta Meditation Retreat---2013 thread (whoever volunteers for this one, please fill in the dots :smile:—name and sutta ID are usually announced in the talk just before the sutta is read):

2013 Bandarawela
Talk 3
7:05; soil remover AN 3.101

Talk 5
0:45; ignorance (Magga Samyutta) SN 45.1

Talk n

By doing this we will help connect sutta resources posted on this forum with the suttas published on the new and improved SuttaCentral site we all so eagerly await.

Full list of retreats that need your help (please announce your intention before you start in the appropriate thread to avoid duplicate work):

Thank you all in advance :heart:


Nice crowdsourcing idea, I hope it works out.


Well, all I’ve got is a badge, but no takers :smile:

So I figured I should lead by example—I usually take one sutta session for daily inspiration and meditation guidance—I chose one of the retreats for today’s practice and gave it a go; we’ll see how this turns out.

Everyone is still welcome to join in at their leisure :smile:

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I’m in the middle of another project but as soon as I’m done I’ll commit to one :grinning:


Excellent! I find it best to study the suttas slowly, so one per day combined with meditation is usually plenty for me. On the other hand I sometimes manage to do a short self-retreat and I find this kind of format—gradual training instructions supported by actual teachings from the suttas—extremely effective.

So no need to hurry, do as much or as little whenever it is the best time for you and sooner or later it will be finished—or as Ajahn Brahm says, ‘What’s done is finished’ :smile:

I also find it useful to make a commitment ‘out loud’, in this case by at least stating my intention to listen to the retreat publicly under the appropriate thread (and thus make a reservation and giving myself a goal to see it to the end later).

Here’s one more :heart: for your good intentions :smile:

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Good idea. I probably do more listening than reading to Buddhist material so this would suit me and I’ve enjoyed Ajahn Brahmali’s online talks before. However, I’m just working my way through some other Buddhist-related audio at the moment. I should be finished that within a week or two. I’ll pick one of those retreats then, and make my way through it then gradually (“gradually” being the operative word! :smile: ).

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That would be great! There’s plenty to go around so I’m sure it will wait for you :smile:

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I am going to opt for the January 2016 retreat. Lots of “Paticca Samuppada” in store! :slight_smile:


Hi, not so sure how to create a new topic with all the right tags (please help), but Ajahn Brahmali has just finished a sutta & meditation retreat in BGF, Malaysia:

20180317-25 Sutta & Meditation Retreat with Ajahn Brahmali [Session.No] (on Dependent Origination)
Part 1: Sutta Study Retreat
[1.1] DN16 (extract) {Wisdom Publications: 3.50}
[1.2] DN16 (extract) {5.2, 5.26-27, 6.1}, SN56.31
[1.3] SN12.1 (extract)
[1.4] SN12.2 (extract), SN56.11 (extract)
[2.1] AN3.39 (extract), MN26/36 (extract)
[2.2] Dhamma Talk on Kalyana Mitta
[2.3] MN26/36 (extract)
[2.4] MN26/36 (extract)
[3.1] MN85 (extract), AN5.57 (extract)
[3.2] AN5.57 (extract)
[3.3] MN82 (extract)
[3.4] AN3.61 (extract)
[4.1] SN45.1, MN41 (extract)
[4.2] AN4.45, AN10.61 (extract)
[4.3] SN12.1 (extract), SN12.2 (extract), SN12.15
[4.4] SN12.1 (extract), SN12.2 (extract), AN3.61 (extract), MN87
[5.1] SN12.52, SN35.118, SN22.80 (extract)
[5.2] SN12.1 (extract), SN12.2 (extract), AN3.76, SN22.100
[5.3] SN12.1 (extract), SN12.2 (extract), AN3.35, SN15.3, MN38 (extract)
[5.4] AN10.61 (extract), MN38 (extract)
Part 2: Meditation Retreat
[6.1] A3.101 (extract)
[7.1] AN11.2 (extract)
[7.2] MN20[8.1] AN5.162
[8.2] MN48 (extract), MN7 (extract)
[9.1] MN54 (extract)
[9.2] AN7.74 (extract), AN4.179 (extract)
[10.1] MN118 (extract)
[10.2] MN118 (extract), SN12.22
The official uploads of the talks are found on this channel: YouTube
(My recordings on mobile phone will need editing.)


Thank you so very much @waiyin for all the links and IDs in this and all other Ajahn Brahmali threads, you have done an amazing job!

I had this 2018 sutta retreat on my radar already but wasn’t sure if all the recordings were finalized on BGF channel. Sometimes there are some talks missing or incomplete and I later find and complete them from other sources. If you have any additional recordings for this 2018 retreat that were not included or were incomplete I would gladly help in preparing and publishing them here, please let me know if you need any help!

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That would be great!
Uploaded the raw files (straight from mobile phone) onto OneDrive now (3.17GB):!Aq6RdQN3gF1_gyarywT88oTOwEFN
Some of them have lots of blanks (was running around doing duties too, so kept phone recording at times). Also, for one of the days, I had to use other phone (different format) because I forgot my ‘recording’ phone.
Will delete them as and when I’ve finished editing & upload the edited versions. (Need to reorganise and free disk space too).

I’ll take Day 1 for a start, 4 sessions of sutta reading. We had a meditation before the 1st session (can’t remember if it was guided) and after the 4th session (guided meditation), last is Q&A.


I have already prepared the talks that are available on BGF YT site but according to annotations from your opening post they seem to cover first few days only.

To lessen your burden with editing all your recordings: maybe you can only edit whatever was not already posted on YT (guided meditations, Q&As, anything missing from the sutta talks…)? Then just save the edited files to OneDrive and I will prepare them for posting.

Can you also please confirm the order of published talks (and insert the names of your edited talks where appropriate):

  1. DN16_The_Great_Passing_Part_1_Ajahn_Brahmali_BGF_20180317
  2. SN12_1_Dependent_Origination_1_Ajahn_Brahmali_BGF_Sutta_20180317
  3. SN12_2_Dependent_Origination_Avijja_Ajahn_Brahmali_BGF_Sutta_20180317
  4. SN56_11_Setting_in_Motion_the_Wheel_of_the_Dhamma_Ajahn_Brahmali_Sutta_2018_BGF_20180318
  5. MN26_36_Greater_Discourse_to_Saccaka_1_Ajahn_Brahmali_BGF_Sutta_2018_20180318
  6. The_Importance_of_Spiritual_Friendship_Ajahn_Brahmali_BGF_20180318
  7. MN26_36_Greater_Discourse_to_Saccaka_2_Ajahn_Brahmali_BGF_Sutta_20180318
  8. SN56_11_Noble_Truth_AN5_57_Themes_Ajahn_Brahmali_BGF_Sutta_2018031191
  9. MN_82_Ratthapala_Sutta_Ajahn_Brahmali_BGF_Sutta_201803193
  10. SN45_1_Ignorance_MN41_Saleyyaka_Sutta_Ajahn_Brahmali_BGF_Sutta_201803201
  11. AN4_45_Rohitassa_AN10_61_Ignorance_Ajahn_Brahmali_BGF_Sutta_201803202
  12. SN12_52_Clinging_Ajahn_Brahmali_BGF_Sutta_20180321
  13. SN12_1_Dependent_Origination_Existence_Ajahn_Brahmali_BGF_Sutta_201803213
  14. …?

Edit: more talks are being posted to BGF YT channel right now

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Great. I’ll probably go through the whole retreat, but need time.
Normally, I too will use the ‘official’ talks and supplement with my amateur recording if necessary.

PS - Looks like I had not done it for 2017 yet. :slight_smile:

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Did you get this from: YouTube ?
If so, this is actually the [1.2], i.e. Day 1 Session 2.

PS - Already uploaded [1.0] Guided Meditation and [1.1].

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Yes, these are all from YT ordered by date in the video description

Cool :smile:

[1.2] DN16 (extract) {5.2, 5.26-27, 6.1}, SN56.31

[1.3] SN12.1 (extract)

[1.4] SN12.2 (extract), SN56.11 (extract)

Will go through the Guided Meditation & Q&A after that for Day 1 and upload into the drive.

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Please have a look at PM I have sent you (some technical issues to consider).