Completion of post-launch mopup

When we made our major new version in March, there were a number of minor issues still outstanding, or newly discovered bugs. We made a project to address all 37 of these, and thanks to Hongda’s indefatigable work, these have now all been resolved.

Congratulations @HongDa :pray:

You can keep track of upcoming projects here:


Much gratitude for all your work @HongDa
:pray: :pray: :pray:



One more…

I am on a 2021 MacBook Air with Big Sur using Google Chrome (lastest update).

I get the following message:

“Error! We were not able to download all the requested texts. Failed out of total requests did not complete correctly”

I get both the D&D and SC apps, but when I’m offline, I cannot access the suttas. I can only get as far as the final menu e.g. MN - The final fifty. Clicking on any sutta comes up with ‘Data load error’ except where I have previously accessed that sutta when online and I haven’t cleared cookies/cache etc.

I’ve tried deleting & reinstalling, clearing cache and cookies, restarting etc.

I had the same problem on my old mac.

I am also (still) having the same issue on Android, ever since the major update, on as many browsers as I could.

I’m testing this now, thanks for the feedback.

Just FYI, we didn’t touch the PWA functionality, so it (theoretically!) should not be changed.

On iOS, there are the twin challenges that safari is lagging behind in support for web standards, and also (I believe) there are storage limitations that might also cause issues. There’s an ongoing discussion among developers on these and other issues: