Content within the asterisk mark in the suttas

Hello. In the individual suttas, a short commentary is given at various places by way of asterisk mark. Sometimes suttas are long so I need to take a printout to read. However, this commentary does not come in the printout. Because of this, even after reading the sutta via printout, I have to go back again online to view the commentary in asterisk mark . Is there a way that the commentary in asterisks also come out in the printout. Or some other solution? Thanks.


If you open the “views” panel with the button in the top right corner you can select in the leftmost column how you want to see the notes. If you select “show as sidenotes” they will be openly visible on the page.

My print preview shows me the page including side notes:

So that might work perhaps?


Thanks a lot dear Bhante. This solved my problem & has made it very easy for me. Much metta your way​:pray::tulip: