Contributing new Spanish translations

Hello, this year I was able to help Bhante Chandako (from Spain, currently living in Muttodaya, Germany) with a full spanish translation of the Patimoka.

It is not currently published online, but we would like to know if it is possible to contribute this translation in SC.

This translation is only for the full Patimoka, no back stories for each rule.

If contributing this material is possible, please let me know how to do this.

Thank you.
Felipe (74.6 KB)


We would absolutely love to have this translation! Just send it to me in some kind of digital format and I’ll take care.


Thank you Ayya.

I will work on it today and let you know.

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Hello Ven. @Vimala, I have added a zip file with the full translation in the original post. I did a HTML export from the OpenOffice document, the HTML file has some “garbage”, but it looks fine once loaded in the browser.

Please let me know if you need me to improve this file in any way in order for you to import the translation into SC.

Thank you.


Ayya @Vimala, once Spanish is really close to Portuguese language, could you please share with me the cleaned up text only you will be eventually using in SC. I look forward to having it as basis to get the patimokkha translated into Portuguese as well! :anjal:


Dear @felipe and @Gabriel_L

I’m away until next week but will have a look at it then. Thanks for all your great contributions!


Thank you both. I’ve added the pm and for @Gabriel_L: here is the file attached. (15.5 KB)


Thank you very much Ayya.

Bhate Chandako recently updated me with the copyright information and a brief introduction for this translation.

Publicado por:
en colaboración con MUTTODAYA MONASTERY
Herrnschrot 50, D-95.236 Stammbach, Alemania.
Bhikkhu Pāṭimokkha

Basado en la versión del Inglés de Thanissaro Bhikkhu.
Traducido por: Bhikkhu Chandako (España)
Portada y presentación: Felipe A.
Fotos: Archivo Muttodaya.
Letras: Times New Roman.

© 2018 Bhikkhu Chandako

Este libro es un regalo de valor incalculable. Uso comercial y venta excluido. Permiso de reimpresión para la libre distribución, o para otros usos puede obtenerse del editor.
Descarga libre como pdf. En: y

There is also an introduction, do you think it can be included?

Thank you.

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Hello @Gabriel_L, we have a small translators group and a few of them are from Brazil. I told them about your idea and offered their help if you need it.

Also, I would suggest getting the translation reviewed by a bhikkhu or bhikkhuni, I do not know if you know someone who could help?

Best regards,


Hi Felipe,
If you want feel free to get their help. I can help reviewing.
All the Brazilian bhikkhus I know were not interested in reviewing my translations of the bhikkhu vibhanga (already available at SC). But we could always try again.
Let me know what you choose to do so we don’t double the work.

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