Convergence & immersion

Some suttaplex cards give the word “convergence” in their description, while Ven. Sujato’s sutta translation of the corresponding text uses “immersion”. Is this deliberate or a hangover from shifts in word translation preferences?



I’ve bumped into the “convergence” now and then myself. At first it bothered me, until I realized that for convergence to happen, there must have been divergence. And what was the divergence? Identity view.

And that actually offered me a new perspective that flows with immersion.


I’m really pleased to know it was a helpful for you. To my own mind I think it goes a little against the ambition of making things more accessible (especially to English as a second language users), and I’m always delighted to discover instances of where words that don’t necessarily work for me do work for others (quite hilariously, in my own context, I can’t shake off an association with early 2000s’ discussion on what new digital technologies meant for traditional media :woman_shrugging:)

Anyway, here, I raised the question from an entirely neutral stance thinking that it may have been left in by error, where a file wasn’t updated or something. If not, wonderful! :slight_smile:


No, you’re right, I changed the suttas, but have not always updated the terminology in the blurbs. It’s not necessarily crucial that all the terminology in the blurbs is identical with my translations, but I agree in this case it would be better to make it consistent. Can I ask you to put this as an issue?



SN 47.43 The Path
matches: 6 of 31
SN 47.18 With Brahmā
matches: 6 of 29
SN 47.1 In Ambapālī’s Wood
matches: 3 of 19
DN 22 The Longer Discourse on Mindfulness Meditation
matches: 2 of 439
MN 10 Mindfulness Meditation
matches: 2 of 225
AN 4.151 Faculties
matches: 1 of 8
AN 4.152 The Power of Faith
matches: 1 of 8
AN 4.154 The Power of Mindfulness
matches: 1 of 8
AN 4.2 Fallen
matches: 1 of 22
AN 3.73 With Mahānāma the Sakyan
matches: 1 of 29
AN 4.41 Ways of Developing Immersion Further
matches: 1 of 36
AN 4.74 Best (1st)
matches: 1 of 8
AN 5.27 Immersion
matches: 1 of 14
AN 5.28 With Five Factors
matches: 1 of 69
AN 3.32//AN 3.32a With Ānanda
matches: 1 of 20
AN 4.136 Ethics (1st)
matches: 1 of 11
AN 4.137 Ethics (2nd)
matches: 1 of 11
AN 4.150 Essentials
matches: 1 of 14
AN 4.29 Basic Principles
matches: 1 of 15


Oh wow! Neat! Thank you! :pray: