Converting Niddesa translation into SuttaCentral files

Following up on this post, I’m going to try to prepare the the Niddesa translation here.

I thought that some people may appreciate learning what goes into converting a text like this so I thought to have any development conversations on this project in this thread. If you get tired of seeing it show up in your latest post feed, feel free to go to Tracking in this thread (at the very bottom) and change it to Muted. Presto! no more thread notifications.

This translation is being added as a “Legacy” text which means that it needs to be in HTML format and will not be able to be viewed along side the Pali.

From what I can tell the files for the Mahāniddesa translation correspond exactly to the Pali files on SC, so I thought I would start with that. If anyone wanted to figure out how to match the Cullaniddesa files to the SC files, that would be a help.

Following your suggestion, Bhante @Sujato, I used the Markdown All-in-one extension in VS Code to batch convert the .md files into html. Worked well, except that it appears to have changed all of the " marks to ". In any case, I imagine that we want to have smart quotes, no?. Do you have a recommendation for a VS Code extension to do that?

Also, Bhante, If there is any documentation on this process, even if it is out of date, could you point me to it? Otherwise I would just try and match the only existing translation we have of the text on SC.


Many Sadhus :pray: :smiley:

I’m just making my way through Bhikkhu Bodhis translation, and was thinking how great it would be to have the Nidessas on SC. I’m just loving it… a wonderful discovery… like buried treasure… buried in the depths of the texts. It cuts right through on so many, perennially argued about, points.

I can’t resist giving an example :smile:
Nidd I 41 … 2/3 of the way through…
“… Verbal sagacity… is the abandoning of the 4 kinds of verbal misconduct and the practice of the 4 kinds of verbal good conduct…
…the abandoning of desire and lust for speech… the cessation of verbal activity… the attainment of the second Jhana”.
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Now here is THE question… is it really the work of Sariputta ? :slight_smile:

Just had to come back to give a whole lot more SADHU’s to all of you who work so tirelessly to make the Buddha Dhamma available.

With much gratitude and appreciation. Very fitting on this Vesak 2022 - Seeing the demonstration of the Sangha working on the unbroken preservation of the texts. It gives rise to very beautiful Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha Anussati

Sadhu Anumodana
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