Copyright done right

This popped up in my Quora feed today. It made me smile.

It’s a screenshot from the source code for SQLite C++. Maybe this doesn’t mean anything to you. But SQLite is probably the most installed database, being found, for example, on all Android devices. Now, this comment is from long ago, and the code may well have been updated. But updates always build on what came before. So it is probably the case that today, you have personally benefited from the kind and gracious act of the person who wrote this code. :pray:


Thank you so much for sharing this, Bhante @sujato! It’s wonderful to know that millions have received this blessing!

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu!

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Still there Bhante:

Personally I’d add the addendum to the third that the movie Pay It Forward ends in tragedy.
But that’s not really any of my business at the moment.
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[details=Musings]On the topic of copyright, in an interview last month between a Bryan Lunduke and Left Honourable Richard Stallman, the latter makes a call for help. And it’s a shame in my opinion. Proprietary software now successfully gains mass entry into the very bodies of billllions and yet we have Information Engineers, I measure, just lost in uncertainty about what is good and evil, what good is the dichotomy of good and evil, et cetera.


But I can’t see the comment?

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Apologies, I was distracted by the timing:

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Okay, wow, it is still there! I wonder how many times it has been copied? Billions, i would think!



So I do know that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, for its clientside data model say for user navigation history, had the binaries in use as late as 2015/2016, unless there’s been some recent change that removes the dependency. I would think not, although their push for clouding user profile across devices may be pertinent.

But that it’s in use on all Android devices remains news to me. And that number does smell large enough to take the total copies quite high!

Whatever the case may be, though, thank you Bhante for raising the topic. A silver lining to my eyes.


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Copyright done right is copyleft. We who have seen the light know it. :slight_smile:


Well…it’s an endangered ideal, that’s for sure, eg:

And heck, while I’m at it: