Could the ghost or hell realms be WIMPs?


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Can dark matter be hell?

Surely! Especially considering that dark matter constitutes round 80% of all matter in the universe; just about enough to accommodate those headed for hell!!

And it is said that it is intolerably crowded in hell! Perhaps that’s why dark matter is the single most powerful gravitational force in the universe!



I haven’t thought too much about the lower realms yet, but here are my speculations of how within current physics, the possibilities of devas existing cannot be denied wholesale.

  1. They are aliens with advanced technology, we can predict their technology by extension of what our technology will be capable of in the future.
  2. They are higher dimensional beings, that is living in four dimensions of space, five, or bigger.
  3. They are beings from another universe.
  4. They are advanced intelligence which transcended physical forms, this is one of
    the speculations of how intelligence will evolve in the future, with humans uploading their minds to artificial bodies and even transcending it.
  5. They are made of or living in dark matter, dark energy, or other forms of currently unexplored physics
  6. We are living in simulated universe, with gods as simulated beings or the

Of course there is also the number seven, which is beyond the physicalism philosophy

  1. They are mind or kamma made beings, with mind or kamma made bodies as
    their powers and rewards are made from the power of kamma, the laws of ethical
    cause and effect. Actually, the above all should be like that too, just that if the above six cannot explain devas then this is the last resort.

I wrote a whole chapter on “what could devas be” in Physics and Buddhism, a book(s) I am writing.


Thank you for posting this link! This article is great. I was thinking a lot about different realms and space and physics stuff recently. But I’m not a scientist.


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Or could it be?

“…a thing is not seen because it is visible, but conversely, visible because it is seen.” --Socrates


“Perfect and clear by nature is the Bodhi ocean, pure and faultless Bodhi is in essence wonderful.
Its fundamental brightness shone, so by chance creating an object which then obscured its radiant nature. Thus in delusion there appeared one-sided emptiness in which an imaginary world arbitrarily was built. Steadying itself, the thinking process made the continents while the (illusory) knower became a living being. The voidness so created within Bodhi is but a bubble in the ocean. Worldly Realms, countless as the dust, arose in this (relative) emptiness. When the bubble bursts, the void’s unreality is exposed: how much more so is that of the three realms?”
–Shurangama Sutra (Manjushri’s Gatha) C. Luk translation


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My goodness, the imagery evoked is like that of the false vacuum of eternal inflation.
Eternal inflation says that our universe started out in an unstable false vacuum which drops down to a stable region thus producing a bubble of our universe. But as the false vacuum is at high energy, spacetime expands very fast, thus creating more of these false vacuums. Many bubble universes then form from the local decay of each false vacuums. Each bubble universes are separated from one another by the false vacuum which expands the distance between the bubble universes so that there is no hope of ever contacting them.

If our universe is not sitting at the lowest point of the true vacuum, then it maybe sitting on another false vacuum, thus capable of decaying into a true vacuum, if that happens, all particles properties has to change and thus it signify the end of the world. At any point in the universe, quantum tunneling may cause a decay into false vacuum and that region spread out at the speed of light. Thus destruction comes with no warning. Of course, our vacuum would have to be very close to stable with very little chance of decaying for the universe to have survived for so long.

Anyway, inflation is now being cast back into maybe, likely wrong. And we have no idea if our vacuum is stable forever or not. So far it seems to be stable.

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