Could words be clickable in left menu system?

Would it be possible in the left menu system to have the words be clickable as well as the drop down arrows? It just seems that the web has been built around clicking on words since the beginning. I think this would also be an advantage on mobile, although I haven’t tried it.

Sorry if this seems nit-picky. I know folks are already working so hard on the site.

Mods, please delete or merge if this has already been covered.

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Some words are clickable but some have been disabled because clicking them would result in loading 1000s of sutta-references like the Anguttara Nikaya. Therefore for those you have to go one level down to make words clickable and when you click on those you get the list for that specific section.


Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Even at the top level, you can’t click the words Sutta, Vinaya, Abhidhamma. You have to find the little down arrow. Couldn’t that whole zone be clickable?

The problem is, that there are two different functions: clicking the arrowhead unfolds or folds the lower level list of items (like in an outliner), while clicking the text provides a list of the suttaplex. To keep this list short, this function is disabled for higher levels. Mixing these two functions would be bad design.

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OK, I see how eventually it gets to the point where clicking on the text does something different. But for me it is not intuitive.
I can see how the tree structure can get very deep for the AN and SN, but it really is all just a tree structure

Just my $.02

I appreciate all the time and thought folks have put into this.