Course outline and reading: BSWA

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Bhante ,

the website link for the online registration doesn’t appear to work for me. Also I assume the registration is only for those who are coming in person?

Thank you and all the BSWA people involved in bringing these courses to the Internet, it’s greatly appreciated over here in USA.

Sorry that the registration isn’t working for you, I’ll contact IT at the BSWA. But if you can’t register, just show up anyway.

Yes, registration should be for those attending in person. Everyone else can joing the forum here and discuss things.

Dear Bhante

Thank you and Ajahm Brahamali for the very first session on Karma and Rebirth.

I was looking for one of the Suttas (MN51 Kandaraka: more on the brahmanical sacrifice. (§10 in Bhikkhu Bodhi’s translation) for session two and could not find it via the link you provided:

I checked Sutta Central; and found this link, a different translation.

Could I assume that this is the same Sutta to read?

With Metta,

Yes, it is. There are a few suttas where I have listed them on SuttaCentral, but they don’t exist yet. My plan is to make them all available, and I will be getting on to that very soon!

Many thanks, Bhante Sujato.