Creating a translation project on Bilara

We need a way to define details for translation projects on Bilara. Currently Blake just creates a folder with the relevant texts under the author UID.

We need something more than that. How about we have a page for setting up a project on Bilara? It will be the first thing a user does. Subsequently they can review or revise the info.

Text title

Normally a project text will be what is usually a “book”: eg. MN, Bu Vb, Dhp, etc. The user should define this.

This will already have a root title, but the author will add a translated title.


It is critical that the translator data not conflict with the info in author_edition.json. Of course most of our authors are not using Bilara. So we should push simultaneously to both author_edition.json and publication.json.

  • The user enters a UID. This must enforce all lowercase and only URL-safe characters, i.e. no diactricals, chinese, etc.
  • If it is already in author_edition.json, the “Full Name” and “Short Name” fields are populated from there.
  • If it is not in author_edition.json, the translator enters the “Full Name” and “Short Name” fields.
  • If the UID is already in use for a different person, a different UID must be chosen.

If it is a collaborative project, separate details must be entered for each collaborator as well as the overall project author.

Here is a mockup. Fields entered by the user in bold, autopopulated in italics. (Of course this would vary case by case.)


A paragraph or so describing the project.

Setup your translation project


Text ID: mn
Root title: Majjhima Nikāya
Translated Title: Middle Discourses


:ballot_box_with_check: single translator
:stop_button: 2 or more translators

Author ID: sujato
Author full name: Bhikkhu Sujato
Author short name: Sujato
Author github handle: sujato


My translation is here, it is a nice translation, i tried to do it good.

If it’s a collaborative project, it needs to be a little more complicated. The problem is that it is not possible to automatically infer the project name, ID etc. from the collaborator names. For example, what happens if there are very many collaborators, or of there is a team name distinct from the personal names, and so on. So, in line with author_edition.json, we define the project author and the collaborators individually.


:stop_button: single translator
:ballot_box_with_check: 2 or more translators

In a collaborative project, you must define the overall project authors as well as each collaborator.

Project author ID: sujato-walton
Project author full name: Bhikkhu Sujato, Jessica Walton
Project author short name: Sujato/Walton

Collaborator ID: sujato
Collaborator full name: Bhikkhu Sujato
Collaborator short name: Sujato
Collaborator github handle: sujato

+ Add collaborator

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