Creative Fundraising Ideas for SuttaCentral

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Hello all!

I think SuttaCentral and its community seems to be quite a useful and valuable online resource.

It occurred to me to start a thread to brainstorm creative ways to raise funds for SuttaCentral.

This could allow SuttaCentral to fund its more long-term and lofty translation goals until completion.

There are a lot of grants and funding sources out there which are already being earned by various non-profits.

Are there any that SuttaCentral might be eligible to apply for? Any other ideas for how SuttaCentral can raise funds to ensure the stability, continuity, and construction of this valuable online platform? Feel free to share any ideas here as you wish!!


Donate now: SuttaCentral


Hey thanks, that’s really kind of you to think of this!

We receive donations currently through the website, as well as via some private sponsors. It is not much, but enough to do what we have needed. The main costs are the wages for developers, and it is probably safe to say that we could always use more programmers.