Criticism of eating too much

Can someone point to a sutta that criticizes eating too much, maybe the so-called “body-shaming” in the context of a cartoon?
I think there should be one out there but I currently do not recall it :thinking:


Maybe you’re thinking of SN 3.13, with King Pasenadi?


The Buddha provides:

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I think a better match for the cartoon’s situation would be the opposite. Perhaps where the group of five condemn the newly-awakened Buddha: “you have given up your striving and returned to a life of indulgence, how could you now have achieved anything?”

MN 77 also comes to mind, where the Buddha is wrongly praised for eating less than his students.

:thinking: There’s also the suttas with the fault finding devas.


Hi @moderators, seems we’ve got a “Bodhi Shaming” topic going (a Discussion? Q&A?) in the Buddhist Cartoons that may need splitting off.

As I understand the cartoon, dear @ORsEnTURVi, though “Bodhi shaming” plays on the wording of body-shaming, the point isn’t about critiques of bodies. It’s about criticizing perceived weaknesses in others’ spiritual practices, perhaps with a holier-than-thou attitude.

Acting from arrogance or from their own insecurities, people find fault and shame others for apparently falling short of their lofty ideals. It’s rampant among converts in Buddhist communities in the USA, maybe throughout the West.

But as @Khemarato.bhikkhu indicated, we can also find examples of this kind of shaming in the scriptures, with even the Buddha getting targeted.


Good points. Another example that comes to mind (of people trying to shame the Buddha for perceived failure to live up to spiritual ideals) was the accusation that he took naps in the afternoons. Which he did, and it fell short of people’s expectations for a renunciate especially one held to be enlightened.


Most of the cartoonist’s readers won’t get this one, so let’s send some appreciative traffic to his cartoon:

Cartoon on “Bodhi shaming”!


Ayya - Following your suggestion, I split the topic and chose to keep your explanatory post. It might be a little confusing for some readers entering the topic after the split, but hopefully this post will clarify events, and your post provides helpful background on the topic.

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