Curious why it takes time to git the new updates/corrections on texts

I’m curious why updates to the site (error corrections on the texts) can’t just be pushed out as soon as they are done. I can understand on the software side wanting to make sure everything with every change is working. But on text corrections? Isn’t the purpose of git to be able to easily manage these changes?

I realize that the people who could answer this are probably busy, but I’ve been curious for some time.


Yes, normally it is easy. We make the changes and update the site every week or so.

But for several months now, we’ve been working on a major upgrade to the site. This has involved major breaking changes under the hood in almost every department. Meanwhile, we have avoided touching the current production site as much as possible, so that we don’t end up having problems merging.

We were just discussing this in a meeting, and we are looking forward to getting the new version on production very soon. The new site has a lot of cool new features to explore.

This will include the latest corrections, including some thousands of corrections/changes to my nikaya translations, as well and the new Thera/Theri-gatha translations, and much else.


Thanks. I was just referring to the typos on the texts. I didn’t realize they were now being pushed out every week.

Software changes, yes, take your time. :slight_smile:


Text changes have also been held back, waiting for the new site. But they’ll be there soon.


The cycle of updates through SuttaCentral Voice is even slower, since we have a dependency on SuttaCentral to be updated before we can run our own updates. And then we have to release SCV. This means that every now and then one will search for something seen on SC but not find it on SCV. This is a temporary problem since the texts will eventually stop changing. However, it will always impact newer texts.


Once Bilara is working, the updates will be much smoother. One of our biggest problems is getting things from Pootle to Github. But with Bilara, it’s just Gitub all the way down.


Thanks, Bhante! That means I’ll be able to put in a Github hook for SCV content automation.

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Indeed, I don’t see why updated text shouldn’t be pushed to both simultaneously.


Oh, that then makes perfect sense.