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I’ve forgotten to announce the monthly topic for a while. The topic for March is all kinds of anger, hatred and ill will.

Please consider sharing the site with anyone you think might be interested.


So! What’s the theme for April? Bāle? :grin:


Wow. I can’t believe it took me three days to get the joke. Maybe I can attribute that to being embedded in a culture that doesn’t celebrate lying with a yearly holiday :joy:

No, the theme for April is community and harmony.

I’m always happy to get suggestions for suttas on the monthly theme or for themes to use in the future.

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I guess you have the theme for next April … :rofl:

I’m reprising last year’s Vesak theme. The suttas this month will all be related to the Buddha somehow.

Hard to believe it’s almost been a year of daily suttas. As of today there are 1,347 subscribers to the emails, 510 followers on Mastodon, 312 members on Reddit.

After Tw*tter started labeling NPR as state sponsored media I decided to stop publishing the suttas there.


More on Mastodon than Reddit! That’s a pleasant surprise. Congratulations :grin:


Will someone explain the joke for me? :slight_smile:

I’m impressed with the beautiful pictures you come up with for Mastodon.

I’ve noticed that Mastodon tends to be an older crowd than Reddit. More Europeans, especially Germans. More people who have taken alternative paths or who have alternative lifestyles.

I attribute that to the general lack of Buddhist content on Mastodon. So if you want Buddhist content there isn’t much to choose from. Also I got active on that platform with the first wave of Twitter defectors.

April Fools.

Thanks. They are all either from Pixabay or Unsplash. I try to spend as little time as possible choosing them.

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Oh, wow. It’s been a year since my last update here…

This May marks two years since we started the service, 732 suttas to date.

And as usual, all the suttas in the month of Vesak will have to do with the Buddha.

If you can think of any way to promote this service to others who might be interested, please do so. It’s the same amount of work for me if we have 2,277 subscribers (our current number) or if we have twenty thousand.

I share all merits I have collected from this project especially with all the translators and especially Bhante @Sujato without whom the emails probably wouldn’t be possible.

Sadhu Sadhu!


Thank you so much, Bhante. I just found this post and signed up. What an absolutely great idea. Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu to you and all the others involved :sunflower:


Tomorrow is the end of my second year of reading suttas daily.

I started on Vesak withe launch of the Daily Sutta/Reading Faithfully service.


Sadhu sadhu! I think there are a few of you who joined from the very beginning.

Glad to have you along. Hope the selections have been helpful.

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