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I notice today Thig 3.4 Dantikātherīgāthā that the Facebook links to SuttaCentral dont’s work for me (they take me to the home page). The links from the email are fine.

Yes, unfortunately this is a limitation/feature of FB. The reason that SuttaCentral.net is a link on FB is because the text itself is a link. So I guess you would say it’s auto linking. In the email, the text has a link wrapped around it that takes you to the exact page on SC. I think Facebook does this so you can’t have the text of the link be suttacentral.net but the link take you to beautifulpeopleclosetoyou.xxx. It’s been that way with FB this whole time, hasn’t it?

Reddit does allow the link destination to be different from the text of the link. FB does not. I don’t think twitter does either.

I’m using the IFTTT.com automation service to post them to FB and it’s just plopping the text into a FB post. In theory one might be able to write a script that pulled out the link itself and included that in the text. But I probably won’t bother with that since it would add complexity. If you just click on the image/link box in the FB post it will take you to the daily.readingfaithfully.org page where you can then click on the links to the alternate translations.

Thanks for reporting, though. I really appreciate when people point things out.

Hi Bhante, thanks for the information. I can see that it would be annoying to change. I’ll certainly keep reporting things that I notice, in case they are things that are easy to fix, but with no expectation that it is possible… :pray:


It’s not so much that it would be annoying to do, rather that from what I have read doing custom scripts with IFTTT.com is not well supported so is likely to break. I’ve thought about creating a whole shadow version of the main site where links were shown in the body of the post, but that seems like too much work for little payoff.

I forgot to announce that all the suttas for the month of September will be on mettā.

Now all the suttas will include a link at the bottom to open the sutta in the DigitalPaliReader.online so you can explore the Pāli.

If anyone is curious, there are 736 people signed up for the emails so far. About 3 new subscribers per day, although that seems to be dropping.

Please tell anyone who might be interested in getting the emails. This month’s suttas especially might be good for people who are starting our reading suttas.


The suttas for the month of October will all revolve around death.

You can always catch up on any you missed by going to the October archive.

Don’t forget that in addition to getting the suttas by email you can also


Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:


Thank you for this wonderful resource!

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What a wonderful offering! I have canceled any news or other junk to my inbox and subscribe to every monastery and teacher of my tradition, as well as some positive news. This will be a welcome addition .

Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu! :pray::pray::pray:


November topic:

All the emails in November will be on the topic of generosity and giving.

Have a favorite sutta on this topic? Let me know and I’ll try to feature it.


I like the ones with general Sīha (AN 5.34 and AN 7.57), but these are certainly on your list already! :blush:


If you think I have a list, then you are giving me too much credit!

Those two are marvelous.

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I was thinking of that list that you have in your mind … :smiley:

Ah, then you are giving me and my mind too much credit. :grin:


We are already almost a week in, but the theme this month is speech. Good and bad, beneficial and beneficial.

As always, if folks have a favorite they like to suggest, I’m open to including it.


Bhante, I’m going to have nightmares about Kokālika and I blame you for this.

Seriously, thank you for putting these two readings together, what a ride.


You are very welcome! Not hiding from the tough stuff here. :fire::grin::fire:


Being a fan of checklists to keep me working I am very intrigued by the idea of counting 1 sesame seed out of a cart load per every hundred years.

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Just wanted to share that today saw the signup of the 1,000th reader. Which means that there are currently 1,000 people receiving the suttas by email. In total there have been many more than that sign up, but many have also unsubscribed. Which is not surprising since it’s such a huge commitment.

It’s hard to know exactly how many people are experiencing the suttas on other platforms.

BTW, the Daily suttas are now being published on the ReadingFaithfully Mastodon Account, which currently has 360 followers.


That is awesome. Thank you for putting all of that work in!