Dāna Through Paypal

I wish to give Dāna to suttacentral but it’s not allowing me to donate as needed and perhaps if Suttacentral had Paypal it would be easier to also give to them as needed.

Is it possible, Venerables and friends?


Hi Gabriella,

While I’m not sure of the answer to your question, I just want to let @Deepika and the Sutta Central trust people know about the Paypal Giving Fund (if they don’t know already). We use it for the Alliance for Bhikkhunis and it’s a good way to receive donations through Paypal without having fees taken out.


Hi all,

Thanks so much for wanting to help!

We’re happy with Stripe, and will not be using Paypal. May I ask, what were the specific issues you encountered? Was it to do with the SC donation page, or your account?

If you have a problem, Deepika will help you out!

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We are aware of paypal giving and thank you for thinking of SuttaCentral.
The current arrangements we have are fulfilling our requirements and there is no need to change.
If you have trouble with the stripe payment system please send a screen shot with the error message to do the needful.

I’m trying to use it but for whatever reason it’s not accepting it, Bhante

I just get this

red box and it never progresses

Buddhist Global Relief uses the Paypal Giving Fund as well. As someone with a Paypal account, I’ve found it remarkably easy to use.


May I ask, what browser, version number, and operating system you are using? Also, might you have any browser addons that are blocking this? This will help us diagnose the problem.

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I have Windows 10 OS
And I’m using the most current version of Google Chrome. I’m not sure the add ons I have are blocking anything. But I will trouble shoot


I have just tested this with a disabled card and I see the same red rectangle when the transaction is rejected.

  • Are you sure the card details you entered are correct?
  • Can you check with your bank or card issuer what was the exact description on the denied transaction?

(Please DON’T post any card details here!!!)


For US based and registered (501©3 or other US IRS designations) charities, with US based donors, Paypal might be competititive. Unfortunately, it appears additional fees apply to non US charities and to each transaction from non US donors.

Based on Paypal and service comparison as of today.

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