Data files for Readers Guides

I’m just delving into the SC data on github (and indeed github itself). I have an rudimentary understanding of how the suttas with translations (root, translation, html from bilara-data) are constructed (in JavaScript - thank you @Snowbird).

Now I’m looking for the data (I’m guessing it’s either just html or json and html?) for the readers guides but can’t find them. Specifically (at this time) I’m looking for section on The Book of Causation

many thanks

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You mean this one?

It’s also here: sc-data/sn-guide-sujato_root-en-site.json at master · suttacentral/sc-data · GitHub


Yes. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Did you just know it was there, or do you have a way to search for it? I was trying to search through my copy of sc-data, but it’s 1.34gb.


I know the structure of these data quite well. The tricky thing with this group of files is that you might suspect them to be in the “translation” folder, but they are in “root”, as the original language in this case is not an ancient EBT-language, but English.


Not knowing anything (but assuming much) about bilara, I wasn’t expecting to find it in bilara-data at all :rofl:


:rofl: :laughing:

Well, they have two homes. Even three, to be precise.

  1. First they are in bilara-data “unpublished”.
  2. Then after publishing (speaking of translations now) they are copied to bilara-data “published” (and “root” is just identical there),
  3. and another copy then goes to sc-data.

If you want to be confused here, that’s not so hard to do.


Anything that is to be translated is in bilara-data. All other data is in sc-data.

To find things in the data:

  • download repo or git clone
  • open bilara-data in Sublime Text or VScode
    • ctrl + shift + F, then paste in path to repo
  • search exact string

If that doesn’t work, do the same for sc-data.