Day of Digital Humanities 2021 - April 29

Today is: Day of Digital Humanities (DH) 2021. Led by universities around the world, the theme this year is multilingual DH, and Digital Humanists from all corners of the world are encouraged to share their work on Twitter and Instagram, with the hashtag #dayofdh2021

The aim of the day is to open up conversation about projects being undertaken in various languages, and put together a list of non-English tools, libraries, software products, tips, hacks, and resources available for researchers and institutions.

Let them know about the great work being done at SuttaCentral! e.g. the community of translators, the open source technology behind the scenes, how it has impacted your research, etc.

For more information please see Day of DH 2021 | centerNet and #dayofdh2021 :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:


Thanks for spreading this Carmi!

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Bhante @sujato a few digital humanities colleagues kindly recommended these communities:

If you see something of interest please let me know :pray: