De Silva's Pali Primer flash cards on Brainscape

I’ve started to create flashcards based on De Silva’s Pali Primer on Brainscape. You’re more than welcome to add them to your classes:


You’re aware of Anki?

In the anki web, deck sharing where one can search for many decks created by others, just search Pali. Lots of flashcards are up there already.

Thank you very much for your tip @NgXinZhao :pray: I searched for pali on Anki and found a lot of resources, but no deck based on the complete Pali Primer course. While most sets of flashcards based on language courses typically provide only the basic glossary, I am planning to create a comprehensive course on Brainscape, that will eliminate the need for the book altogether. Although it’s quite a bit of work, I believe many people will find it very useful. Try it and share your thoughts. I’m grateful for any suggestions and advice regarding corrections if you happen to notice any mistakes :slight_smile:


Only tried a few. Good questions.

I think there’s pro and cons. Anki can be done offline which might suit more monastics.

Anyway, now I am at lesson 21 in Pali primer book.

Thank you @Dhammiko , please keep updating. I’m just starting to learn Pali using Pali Primer.

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You should be able to download each deck for offline studies on Brainscape also.

I will keep updating :slight_smile:

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