Dead Link On The "Getting Started" Page

has a link titled “In The Buddha’s Words” that is dead

Since it is there primarily to provide a reading list from Venerable Bodhi’s books someone who feels industrious can copy that list from here to somewhere on

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Okay, thanks for the head up, it seems Wisdom has revamped their site.

Fun fact, it was dead links that originally prompted us to host texts on SuttaCentral, which eventually led to me deciding to translate all the suttas. So let us give thanks to dead links!


Not dead links, just text reborn on :slight_smile:


In case it’s useful, here is the GitHub workflow script I use to check for broken links on obu. Every month, it pings all the "http*"s it finds in the source code and then creates a GitHub issue listing any links that error.


Thanks, that’s helpful.

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