Dead Link: "The Sutta Discovery Series" by Piya Tan

On this page there is a dead link “The Sutta Discovery Series

It looks like was reborn as themindingcentre dot org/dharmafarer/


I have made a pull request to fix these:

I’m guessing, Bhante @Sujato, that you will get a notification on github.

It’s unfortunate that Wisdom didn’t protect its legacy links after the major website rebuild. Sometimes I wish that Buddhists were more money hungry so that they wouldn’t do things like that.

The link for Piya Tan’s work was even more frustrating. The best link to use that I could find was this:

It still doesn’t seem to have links to the different sections. Appears that you have to use the site menu to get to them.

And for the love of all that is good, please stop using underlines on web pages when things are not links. Said to the universe with no hopes that it will change.