Death Contemplation in Sydney with Bhante Akāliko

A few spots left for this event in Sydney on Saturday 17 April, 4pm. Registrations essential.

Human life is like a dew-drop; brief and fleeting…Think about this and wake up! (The Buddha, Araka Sutta AN 7.74)

The Buddha taught maranassati (Mindfulness of Death), to remind us of the essential truth of our nature; life is impermanent and death is an inescapable fate.

Going to a cemetery to contemplate death was recommended by the Buddha to inspire a sense of urgency and help develop wisdom. In this way, meditating on death allows us to understand the very meaning of life.

Join Bhante Akāliko at Sydney’s oldest functioning necropolis, Rookwood Cemetery, for a Dhamma discussion and guided meditation on the theme of death.

When: Saturday 17th April


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Thank you Venerable for the information.

However, is there any specific sutta which discuss in detail how to do ‘recollection of death’?

The suttas focus on the urgency of developing wholesome qualities:

AN 6.19, 6.20.

Bikkhu Bodhi guided meditation from 15.52:

Vism VIII being a meditaion manual unlike the suttas, gives a detailed description.