Dependent origination by Ajahn Brahmali

It appears the link to this has been a bit buried in the threads, so I thought it would be of benefit to make it more easily accessible for people :slight_smile: :pray:


The most frightening sort of suffering is the prospect of a bad rebirth.
–Ajahn Brahmali

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Ajahn Brahmali on Transcendent Dependent Origination, given at Dhammaloka, Perth, W. AU on 23 March 2012 (?republished 2 May 2016?)

edit: One published 23 March 2012 by “BSWA” and one republished 2 May 2016 by “AjahnBrahm BSWA”. Flowers behind Ajahn appear to be the same.

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I believe there were two talks on the same topic through the years, right bhante @Brahmali?

When I scanned this quote I thought it said “bad breath” :joy:


Yes, indeed. There are two very different talks. One is on dependent origination, whereas the other is on transcendental dependent origination, or dependent liberation. The latter is available here. Is this what you were referring to?


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There are two different talks on dependent origination given by you at Dhammaloka (2009, 2016), and one on transcendental dependent origination (2012) :anjal:

The talk on dependent origination which is published together with the talk on transcendental dependent origination is from 2009.

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Thanks for your reply bhante. Maybe it is time for a new talk on both mundane and transcendental dependent origination?! :anjal:


Sorry for the confusion; these were my sources.
*It appears There’s An Error On the Internet!*:open_mouth::confused::flushed:

Dhamma talk on Transcendent Dependent Origination

which seems identical to

One published 23 March 2012 by “BSWA” and one republished 2 May 2016 by “AjahnBrahm BSWA”. Flowers behind Ajahn appear to be the same.

It is indeed different from a Dhamma talk by Ajahn on Dependent Origination given 17-04-2009

Glad we could clear this up. :wink: :anjal:

edit: I have added the information about BSWA youtube and AjahnBrahm BSWA to my comment above, in case mods want to tidy this thread.


May I add the discussion on dependent origination by Ajahn Brahmali hosted on the Dhammanet channel on YouTube?

Published on Jan 23, 2016
Part 1 of a 7 part series on paṭiccasamuppāda by Aj. Brahmali. Given at a weekend retreat in Sydney, January 2016. This part includes a short introduction to meditation and retreats.

Many, many thanks for your talks, Ajahn @Brahmali . Your discourses are a lifesaving raft for those of us adrift in the stormy sea of Samsara!


Wonderful exposition, thank you! :pray:

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