Dependent origination emerges from random characters

Please sit down first. Then check this out:

This site randomly generates combinations of characters. It does this, like, a lot, potentially generating every combination of characters up to 3200 in length. That means it contains, in Pali, the entire teaching on dependent origination, generated not by awakened wisdom but by sheer randomness.


wow! that’s crazy!!


lol, no way! What sorcery is this?


That looks like a scam. The highlighted passage of words is too different from the surrounding characters.


I am rather skeptical too because it’s too good to be true :smiley:


Hey, how did you find that? Do they have some search?

If they actually did generate every possible 3200 character page then that is an insane number of bytes. The formula should be there thousands of times in every language on earth (yes, even in Klingon) written phonetically in Roman alphabet.

Just very short calculations… the number of such pages for alphabet of 29 characters (26 letters of English alphabet + comma, dot and space is:
n^k = 29^3200
my calculator said it’s about 4.716 * 10^4679, although it also said “precision error” so I’m not sure what to make of that :wink:
To get the number of bytes you have to multiply the number of pages times 3200 bytes for each, that would be 4.716 * 10^4679 * 3200…

To put that in perspective, hard drives have now about few terabytes size.
1TB is about 10^12 bytes (or characters of text above)
You would need 10^4679 / 10^12 = 10^4667 hard drives to store the result… good luck :wink:

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Yes, but it’s cleverly hidden behind the link labelled “search”. :wink:

Well, whatever you think it is, it’s probably something else.


Somehow I didn’t notice :wink:

I’m quite sure they generate it on demand with whatever you write in the search engine. The search returns almost immediately - no way that it searched even a small percent of the supposed 10^4679. The number of atoms in universe is estimated to be around 10^80.

To me this is 100% scam, sorry :wink:

Amazing what random character generation can produce. :slight_smile:

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This website is amazing, I first heard about it through watching this video first time, back in Sep15:

" …what is on each page is already predetermined. So, in a way, every page already exists…"


:joy: :skull:




Maybe I mis-spoke by calling it “fake.” But it is nothing more than a relatively simple encryption algorithm. Yes, in theory, any text you can come up with using the pre-determined alphabet can be “found.” But you really aren’t searching for anything. It’s just permuting your text into one of the 9.23×10^5078 possible combinations of 3200 character pages in the fictional “library.” The “location” is nothing more than your text encrypted. So it doesn’t really pre-exist. It’s like saying “the winning lottery numbers already exist. You just have to ‘look them up.’” The astronomical size of 9.23×10^5078 is not even comprehensible to the human brain. Think about a deck of cards. All the possible combinations of those 52 cards is 52! (fifty-two factorial). That is ‘only’ 8.07×10^67. ALL OF THOSE possibilities will fit in the Library of Babel 1.14×10^5011 times! I don’t mean to downplay the genius of the inventor of the library. I think it is absolutely fascinating and fun to play with. A cool study of large numbers.


My eyes… XD