Dependent origination in practice for householders

In SN 12.41, the Buddha outlines a path to stream-entry for the laity via five precepts, faith, virtue, and dependent origination. In similar, possibly parallel, suttas (e.g., AN 10.92, SN 55.28), ethics, faith, and dependent origination are again expounded to the laity for practice. Taking these suttas and my worldly duties into consideration, I’ve made stream-entry my goal.

DN 31 provides a straight forward treatise on ethics, and AN 6.10 outlines six recollections for cultivating faith. But how does one “carefully and properly attend” on dependent origination? Is this something that happens naturally through breath meditation? What are some of the meditation objects or practices that can be used to gain an intuitive understanding of dependent origination?


My understanding is that practicing any of the four satipatthanas would do it. And since anapanasati can cover all four, that would work.

Bhikkhu Analayo has a good essay on how the practice of the U Ba Khin method relates to insight into dependent origination:


Thank you. I’ll read the pdf tonight.

SN12.41 described the qualities of someone who has already achieved stream entry, rather than the path to stream entry. You can find that here. Into the Stream: A Study Guide on the First Stage of Awakening.

The Dependent Origination (DO) can be ‘practiced’ in several ways, AFAIK.

  1. Carefully and properly attend refers to contemplating the DO and understand the meanings, implications, consequences, etc.
  2. Seeing the process of perception, which shows the middle portion of the DO, in this life, using vipassana methods (along with the rest of the Noble Eightfold Path). To see how to do this practically see this post, in this thread: Does phassa include sanna?

with metta


Thank you very much.