Dhammapada translation of two phrases — Cak­khu­pālat­thera­vatthu & Maṭṭha­kuṇḍa­lī­vatthu

The first paired verses have the following “titles”, can anyone help with translation?



Hey Matt :slight_smile:

On Thera Eye-Protector

On Burnished-Earrings

Both are proper names, it seems.

These are coming from an illuminating English translation of Dhammapada commentary published as part of a larger collection in HTML by Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu here. I haven’t checked who the actual translator was though.

You might also be interested in a series of ~20 minute talks by Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu on each verse of the Dhammapada where he goes into the origin stories of every single verse. Looks like he’s worked up to Verse 146 as of last week.


Excellent, I didn’t even think of the commentaries, thanks Chansik!

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