Dhammasara Nuns chanting

Since the normal public access to Monasteries has closed due to the Corona (Karuna) Virus, this online chanting has been offered by the Nuns at Dhammasara :pray:


Thank you for sharing. We really gave it our all. The air was thick with goodness. For some reason we don’t sound like the Mormon Tabanacle Choir hehe but lots of love. We really wanted to give something to everyone who keeps supporting us. There hasn’t been a day where we haven’t been moved to tears by people generosity.

Here’s a photo I took from my little corner of the dining room while this was being recorded. <3


Inspiring, thanks to all at Dhammasara.


Thanks so much to all the Venerables. I hope you are all faring well. As Sangha, we hold out a (appropriately socially-distanced) hand and heart for all the community.


Thanks Bhante,
Living in a large community has it’s pros and cons.

Sharing bathrooms and so much other ‘public’ space means we can only do so much to prevent any spread of the (invisible) virus even with being closed to visitors.

So far everyone is well and we are adapting to our new schedule and way of handling lunch-dāna.

It’s been very inspiring to see everyone pitch in to get the work done which our lay-guests would normally do.

We were due to have 2 new novices ordain tomorrow, which would have left us with only one, brand new, anagarika. However, one of the anagarikas has decided to wait until her family can be here; so today we welcomed one new Samaneri into our community in a ‘private wedding’. Attending was just Venerable Hasapanna, 1 other bhikkhuni, the candidate, her ‘anagarika-twin’ and her mum, who is trying to get home to London now (already one failed trip to the airport). Our latest nun’s name is Venerable Khantikā (formerly anagarika Anna).


Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! Warmest greetings to Ven. Khantikā! Wishing her much fruiting happiness on her journey.