Dhammatalks.org and SuttaCentral.net

I would like to suggest the team behind SuttaCentral.net to approach the team behind Dhammatalks.org and seek to have latest Ajahn Thanissaro’s translations brought into SuttaCentral

The reason for this suggestion is that I often see people quoting and basing their understanding of EBTs in outdated and superseded translations found in AccessToInsight.net while apparently unaware of there being more recent translations from the same author - Thanissaro Bhikkhu - found elsewhere.



I love him


I’ve noticed that too. However, the Thanissaro translations on accesstoinsight.org have links to dhammatalks.org (and some seem to go straight to dhammatalks.org) so if people don’t pay attention to that, I’m not clear how bringing them here would help…


I’m not sure if this is really an issue, it may just be unspoken. But I think philosophically Bhikkhu Thanissaro is generally on the other side of the gendered rights divide.


Good you put this out, so this can be clarified. I don’t think ideology is behind things here.

If so, I then think it is important to make clear if that is an issue big enough to justify not having his (latest) translations here.

If that is the case then there is nothing to be done however if that’s not the case then there is value in pursuing links to most updated translations.

P.S.: _In my opinion, if Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s translations are not affected by his views on matters not related to the texts he is translating then I would object not having his work made available in SuttaCentral.net .
Nevertheless, I acknowledge it is up to the team behind the project to decide on how to proceed in this case. _

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I would like to suggest tagging in Bhante @Sujato. :wink:

I really can’t see why it would be an issue, there are already loads of Bhikkhu Thanissaro’s translations on the site.



Tan Geoff has probably done more to help my understanding of the Suttas and dhamma than anyone else, so I would be incredibly happy to see his translations included here especially because they are often somewhat divergent from other translations (although I believe, very practical). My gut tells me that probably won’t happen for political reasons already brewing here, but I would be delighted to be wrong.

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It’s difficult to search SC by author just now, but from a roundabout-the-houses Google search, I think there are almost 350 of Ven. Thanissaro’s translations on SC.


I understand it is good to make clear what people speculate are the reasons for this so this can be clarified.
I personally believe there must be a good technical or timing issue behind all this. And not an ideological one.
The earlier this is explicitly stated the better. I don’t see how behind-the-scene conspiracy theories are compatible with the Dhamma.
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Sure do! :female_detective: :wink: