Dhp (eng.) textual info

Hello, I’m not quite sure if it’s exactly a mistake, but in case the relevant party/ies is/are unaware of it:

The verse number given in the textual information for the English version of the Dhammapada seems to have gone a bit wonky at dhp247. By the look of it, 246 has been overlaid with 247.

I don’t suspect this detail will seriously inhibit anyone’s progression on the path, but there it is all the same. :|neutral_face:

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it’s a coding problem with section id labeling

it would look tidier if the section was labeled as 246-247 by a single id tag, since these two verses are merged in Acariya Buddharakkhita’s translation

the same is true for 87-88, 104-105, 138-139, 186-187, 190-191, 195-196 (which in fact are labeled as 95-96), 271-272, 345-346

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There’s a similar issue with dhp271.

Yes, LXNDR, that would be more clear.

Tee-hee! Well certainly a lot more efficient than me. :smiley:

it’s a joint effort :relaxed:

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Thanks to both of you for the info. 195-196 is obviously an error, we will fix it.

As for the rest, it is a presentation issue.

@vimala, I’ve tracked down the source of this bug. The elements are float:right, and hence subject to the well-known “clear fix” issue. It is solved by adding

clear: both;

to the CSS for the floating text ID elements, i.e. a.sc and so on.

Thanks @Aminah and @LXNDR - it is fixed now.


Actually, i just noticed that this now creates a conflict with the “view printed edition” widget on the Pali pages.

Perhaps we should approach this a little differently. When I first had the idea, my thought was that the various references would be separated by having them at both different vertical and horizontal alignments, determined by CSS. But it all ends up pretty random.

Here’s another approach. Assign all such references the same CSS position. Then use JS to insert a <br> between them. They’ll all end up on the same horizontal alignment, which will look nicer. They won’t conflict vertically. And we don’t have to worry about different combinations of reference types falling over each other. What do you think?

Where can I find this “view printed edition” widget so I can have a look?

on any pali page, show textual information, some references show with an image of an open book. Click it and the relevant scanned page image shows. So far we only have the PTS edition, but the images are ready and waiting for several other editions to use as well.

I had noticed that the clear:both created a clash between pts and sc numbering everywhere (also where the widget is not on it) and meant to look into it. I have changed it slightly now … added the clear:both only to sc numbers. This seems to work OK for both problems, but please have a look.
If this solution does not work, I will have a look at @Sujato’s proposed solution in the js.

thanks, that look fine. Anyway, the other idea is there if you feel like playing around with it,.

Sorry to keep this one going, but I’ve spotted yet similar issues in Kd1 @ Kd.1.64.2 & 3 other locations ending with #Vin.1.23, Vin.1.84 & Vin.1.89 whose links don’t seem to direct to the relevant sections (roughly, they correspond to Kd 1.1.1, Kd.1.13.2 & Kd.1.56.1).

As a total aside, how might the idea that within a users’ profile there could be a ‘master setting’ for section info seem? I do notice there are spells (and in others not) when it would be quite handy if the section info was automatically on.

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Thank you @Aminah.
I’ll put it on my to-do list but not very urgent.

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Splendid @Vimala! As I originally said, “I don’t suspect this detail will seriously inhibit anyone’s progression on the path” and as such I can’t conceive of a way it might be considered urgent. It was just a noticed thing. : - )

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OK. I challenge you :slight_smile: … changed the whole system a little bit so there should me no more of this.

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My thanks for the much welcomed morning giggle! As it happens I did come across another instance last week or so, but didn’t have the heart to mention it. Trouble is I can’t remember what on earth I was looking at, so we’ll just have to call you the victor. Bows.

@Aminah - We are very grateful to you to point out such errors. This is how we can improve the site. So please don’t feel shy to let us know when you find something! :anjal:

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