Dictionary Webpage

It would be nice if SuttaCentral had a dictionary page, perhaps at /define which is currently just a blank page. For v1 it could just have a textbox that redirects to /define/whatever%20you%20typed

It took me a while to discover that SC even has a dictionary function, and still I have to use it by manually editing the URL to get to the word I want. A landing page could improve usability and discoverability (e.g. you can link to the dictionary landing page from the home page or the “…” menu)



Doesn’t the search function work for you?

I like it that the associated hamburger provides immediate access to adjacent and similarly-spelled terms in a sidebar, but there’s nothing like being able to browse through page after page. :slight_smile:

So seconded!


Slowly. My internet isn’t so fast to load the SERP, so it’s faster to go to the URL manually (assuming I guess the Pāli root spelling correctly hehe)

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Yes, we do need to have/maintain facilites for slow internets. Important.

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Also, if I want to share SC’s dictionary with someone I have to tell them to search for the word and then only look for dictionary entries at the top of the SERP… it’s a bit clunky compared to just sharing a link to “here’s the dictionary” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


TIL: Sutta Central has a dictionary lookup.


It’s difficult to browse or read. Reading dictionaries… :grin::raising_hand_woman:

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I was just about to create a topic of exactly the same issue. I’ve had the same experience as above. I’ve just discovered today that SuttaCentral has a dictionary—and it took me a few minutes trying to search for it on the website (seems like everything is done in the search box in the corner).

A basic homepage for the dictionary, with a simple search box in the center, along with its own URL would be really nice.

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